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Ratings: 8,1 of 10 Star

Description: With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hope of staying afloat and alive

Josh Safdie

genre: Drama

director: Josh Safdie






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Praises to my local Alamo franchise. The woman at the counter who provided us a rain check shared, Yeah, I walked out halfway through, too.”
“Well, you made it a lot longer than we did, then, I said.
“Come to think of it, I added, I’m pretty sure the last movie I walked out of was Punch Drunk Love.”
“I detect a theme, she smiled, as we exited and I took my beautiful wife home to nurse her headache and maybe stream something on our Roku.

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The direction is great, Adam Sandler is 10/10, only thing that I didn’t like was the soundtrack, it just didn’t fit at all. But this is a film that is worth a repeat viewing.

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Adam Sandler as compulsive gambler and all around a-hole, Howard Ratner, yells through 2 hours of this oppressive movie. If only the directors had the good sense to eject him after 30 minutes, a la Steven Seagall in Executive Decision, this might have been a tolerable film.
The movie only picks up when its one bright spot, Julia, played by newcomer Julia Fox, follows Howard’s instructions and places a crazy bet on Kevin Garnett and the Celtics in a playoff game at a nearby New Jersey casino, because enabling your lover’s addictions is the best way to help him.
It looks as if Julia will be sidelined by some predator gambler at the Mohegan, but she is true to her man who, at the time, is lying dead on the floor of his crappy jewelry showroom floor, killed by what is presumably an audience member who wanted Howard to STFU. (Actually it’s a goon of the Ratner brother-in-law loan shark to whom Ratner is deeply in debt, unhappy at being trapped in the anteroom of the showroom for 2 hours while the Celtics win and Ratner continues to scream. This guy is so upset, he also kills his loan shark boss.)
A nuanced character study might have been more interesting, but that would have been hard to write. The Safdie brothers just cranked up the volume to 12 and let Sandler scream his way to the final “cut.” Thanks, boys.

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