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country USA
directed by Sam Hargrave
runtime 116 Minute
Stars Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Ryder Lerum


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I have a question to ask why Bangladeshi Army on the road? What is their objective? Because only during times of domestic national emergency and also with govt. permission they can act on the road like this and as per movie story there are no war is going on or anything they did show that create like national emergency so how. br>
They could use DB police, Police, Elite forces also RAB that would be great but by using Army it became worst.

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I enjoyed the every frame of this this time chris is not flying not smashing this time Thor also Bleeds
Please watch everyone and rate as high as you can.
Action is very good in the movie and no doubt the cast is good but there is no story in the movie. The kid wasn’t very good in acting. They tried to give an emotional connection between the kid and our hero but you won’t feel a thing. Watch it if you don’t have anything else to do.
Pure rubbish! when you hire some non Bengali actor from B grade Indian movies, who can’t properly deliver a word with perfect pronunciation, what could you have expect more!
and Hindi songs, child goons, LOL. br>
You don’t have any idea, do you.

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