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Info Bill and Jo Harding, advanced storm chasers on the brink of divorce, must join together to create an advanced weather alert system by putting themselves in the cross-hairs of extremely violent tornadoes.
average rating 6,8 of 10 star.
Release date 1996.
164541 votes.
Casts Cary Elwes

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Actually,I was almost tempted to use as a subject line summary “Tornadoes are Fun. but I almost felt the irony would be film took what could’ve been a genuinely intriguing and lethal natural phenomenon movie and turned it into another cut-rate,summer blow-em-up blockbuster.
The plot and characters are so secondary and throw-away that it’s laughable when the screenwriter even attempts to infuse personality in them! Rival meteorologists(Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton) who once were married(go figure. find themselves colliding with each other as they are in pursuit of a series of powerful tornadoes in rural Oklahoma. They have a shared enemy in another storm-chasing meteorologist(CAry Elwes) who conspires to steal their technology and take the credit. I’d go on with the story but it feels pointless. The characters are set-ups for the tornadoes:big,awesome funnel clouds that can move building,vehicle,beast and man at will! They are arguably the best thing of this offering:they look and seem pretty potent.
Which leads me to another criticism of this movie:strangely,a very deadly weather occurrence that’s supposed to be menacing somehow manages to kill very few of the characters in the film. Let me sidetrack here:most films where there is a menace of some sort,but in this case we’ll stick to nature,shows the audience through the course of the picture how lethal and intense it is by killing (or even just seriously harming) a good portion of the players involved. The Jaws movies, The Swarm” Earthquake” The Towering Inferno” The Poseidon Adventure” The Jurassic PArk movies,etc. These films HAD body counts and you,the audience members,felt the danger,panic and terror. “Twister” has almost none of this. Instead,it seems to be no less than one-third concerned with crazed,adrenaline-junkies who work for the National Weather Servicewho want to chase and(if at all possible)face-to-face with the most powerful of cyclones(an F6 being the ultimate. This had all the menace and seriousness as a Mountain Dew commercial! Being someone who lives in the part of the USA that’s sometimes referred to as “Tornado Alley” I can honestly say that most people,even the tornado chasers themselves,I doubt have this kind of “surfer dude” mentality of tracking twisters. And when the tornadoes finally do claim lives,it’s only a select few characters that you the viewer either didn’t care about or didn’t like. It didn’t even seem like most of the crews involved or the townsfolk in the line of the tornadoes suffered more than a few scratches or bruises. Lucky them!
There’s,of course,no shortness of chase scenes,and I’d tell more about them but I’d TRULY spoil the film. Suffice it to say,if you or I got as close to these funnels as the stars of this movie,I’d wager we’d probably not be so lucky. In summary,this film has good technical points,but I’m betting that nobody,not director Jan de Bont nor(it seems)Michael Crichton has actually BEEN THROUGH actual tornadoes. If they had,I feel this movie might’ve lived up to its potential as a serious natural disaster movie,and not a silly actioner made for summer audiences.

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