Vidics Into the Wild Download Movie

  1. Release date 2007
  2. Sean Penn
  3. Actor Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden
  4. User ratings 8,7 of 10
  5. duration 148M

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You forgive, you Love And when you Love, God lights paths on you…
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I think that the movie meaning is much below the appearance. Emile Hirsch sacrifice his self to make everyone has watched the story understand the limits of meaning research. “Sharing happiness” and “reconciliation” kinda like the gospel of the lost child. He didn’t succeed in turning back to forgive, his path had a cruel and lonely probably we find ourselves when we forgive, and once we forgive, we can go back and solve our past. Forgiveness is related to Love, and Love is related to life. Just forgive and sharing happiness. That is what I learned from this movie, that I can made me pouring a drop at the end, an unexpected one by the way…

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Learning the meaning of “happiness sharing” Emile Hirsch get on this running away from society and family searching the wildest side of his soul. The deepest connection with nature. The meaning of life. Along the road he’ll find out many friends who took care of him and helped to go to the north. Alaska was calling.
The movie is interlaced with past scenes regarding Alaska trip, and scenes regarding Alaska living life. The interlacing gives rhythm to the movie and make it far behind a boring slowness that had could ruin the great atmosphere of the entire work that reaches an holy calm and sense of freedom.

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Since Seneca years (3 BC-65 AC) trip were used helping soul becoming healthy, and now more than then we need to find our selves, where society pushing everyday to control everything, many sensible human being could suffer lack of freedom more than others. I think that everyone have had or will have an experience like that. It is not necessary to go to Alaska, but wherever is good to find our personal light inside us. Our truly self.
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